Casino System: Hollandish System & Pivot Roulette

Hollandish System

Another type of casino system is the Hollandish system. The player will start the game with a bet of one unit until the player wins for the first time. The player will then try to compensate for his previous losses with the system of progression of 3 units. But, if the three bets lose, the player will have to win three consecutive times before the progressions system has ended.

But if the losses still occur further on, and during the 3 units of the progression system, the player will have to wait until the progression system is over, this will occur after three bets that are all successful. The player will have to raise to a total of 5 units until the game has covered the 3 unit losses. If the player achieved the full compensation for the player's losses, the player will then continue to play with only one unit. If the player loses for 5 units during the progression system, the player will raise to 7 units and let the same wagering pattern.

The usual progression system pattern for hollandish: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9�

This type of progression system can be utilized in the game of roulette, blackjack and craps.

Pivot Roulette System

Prior to beginning a play at a roulette table the player should spend some time at the table, as much as possible try to write down the winning number with every spin until the same number repeats. The number that repeats on your record will be the player's "pivot number" and consequently that number will be the one the player will bet on.

Let's say for example: 4 23 31 35 27 7 9 4 8. You will notice that 4 is the first number to repeat, hence the number 4 will be your "pivot number". For the next 36 consecutive spins this number 4 will stays as the player's pivot number but not unless this number wins. Be reminded that you have to bet on the same number with the same amount for every spin whether you win or lose until the 36 spins is over. The win on the single number in the roulette will pay the player 35/1, and so if the player's pivot number spins up at anytime within that 36 spins the player will be the winner.

This happening is also known as an uneven theory distribution. This system is specifically designed for the game of Roulette alone.