Lawmakers: Compensate Casino Workers

State workers are fortunate to be getting paid for their unexpected holiday last week due to the government shutdown that occurred from the budget impasse in the state of New Jersey. However, the same cannot be said for many casino employees and other private sector workers.

In response to this, Shore-area lawmakers are proposing a bill that will push the state to reimburse private employers or give them tax credits for lost work hours due to the state imposed shutdown. Casinos and racetracks are included in this category.

Assemblyman Jim Wheelan is the man behind the proposed bill. "Union workers on state-funded construction projects aren't receiving any breaks," said Whelan, D-Atlantic, a former Atlantic City mayor.

"Tens of thousands of casino workers and racetrack employees aren't receiving any breaks. We need to establish a certification process to ensure that those who were genuinely impacted by this shutdown get a fair shake on whatever is owed to them, too," he added.

The yet to be introduced legislation would likewise cover racetrack employees, road construction workers and others who are not directly employed by the state but were likewise affected by the shutdown.

The bill is expected to be introduced later this month.